14:54, 01/12/2021


Photo-dating – what is it?

All in all, photo-dating is a virtual remote dating over the Internet. The user can view photos of girls or guys, choosing for further communication and relationships those people whose appearance they are fond of. Later, their appearance will not come as a surprise to the user. In addition to photos, the profile usually contains basic information, in particular:

●          age;

●          weight & height;

●          hair & eye color;

●          education & hobbies;

●          bad habits & social status.


In this case, the photo becomes the main factor in deciding to click a personal profile to view personal information and start dating on Sugar Daddy.

Benefits of Photo-Dating - The Time Factor

Photo-dating has a lot of undeniable benefits. Time saving is key. Appearance plays a primary role in any relationship. In some cases, it allows you to better understand a person's personality, find out whether you’ll like communicating with them, spend free time, go to various events, relax, indulge in love and affection.

By browsing dozens, maybe hundreds of profiles, you can filter the people you like with the help of photos. This can really save you a lot of time.

Usually, after the first virtual chat, it’s the turn of a real meet-up. Obviously, the photo does not fully render the entire feature of natural attractiveness, but it allows you to see the main features of the face, physique and other nuances. During a face-to-face meeting, the user will know what to expect.

Another pro for photo-dating is the seriousness of intentions. If a person is ready to show up, it means that they are serious about continuing the relationship in real life. There are many scammers in the virtual space, those who don’t intend to get in touch, but are only looking for ways for some entertainment. Such people will definitely not show up on a date, they will hide behind the face of a celebrity or someone else's picture taken from open sources. Modern verification algorithms will not let a questionnaire with similar photos through.

How can I use likes on the Sugar Daddy website?

On the Sugar Daddy website, there is the possibility of photo dating, which plays an important role – it is a way of expressing if you like someone. Many wealthy, communicative, brave and sociable people find it difficult to start a chat. They prefer to have complete confidence in mutual desire. This is why we designed the option of likes. The owner of the photo will certainly see that someone is interested in their person, will look at the pictures, and decide on the further actions.

Using likes is very simple: you just need to click on the heart under the picture you like. The profile owner will receive a notification immediately. Their further actions will depend on their impressions and desires.

It's important to know! The Sugar Daddy website gives you the ability to create an entire gallery, add several photos to your personal gallery.

Likes are not binding you to anything. You can continue the conversation or ignore it. "I am liked by" marks under photographs are not only a stimulus for communication. Hearts perfectly raise self-confidence and the rating of the profile. The person who liked you can be added as a friend, and the person you like can be added to favorites for a quick search.

Photo-dating is available to everyone, regardless of age, status, level of fame and other factors. The Sugar Daddy website has a high level of user photo confirmation and user protection. Participants' information cannot be disclosed. To get access to profiles and photos, you need to sign up. The process is simple, it only takes a couple of minutes.